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Pilot is the first chapter in The '00s, and gives readers a sense of what reading this story will be like in future chapters. The chapter takes place in September 2001. It set the basis for the idea of the story which is two boys who become best friends, and face the ups and downs of childhood in the first decade of the 21st century.

Before you read any further, it's suggested that you read the first chapter beforehand. Just a spoiler alert for anybody out there. During the start of the first chapter, it was still summer.

Characters who made their first appearance were Jamal Weaver, Brenda Faye Weaver, Carrie Pearl Weaver, Steve Sharp, Kevin Sharp Sr., Kevin Sharp Jr., Anna Sharp, Cody Sharp, Matthew Sharp, Amanda White, Ariana Moore, Nathan, and Brad. This was the only chapter with no Two Seconds To Detroit along with "Who Let The Dogs Out?". And it was the only chapter with no Dexter.