Kevin Sharp Sr. (born January 20, 1965) is a fictional character in The '00s. He is married to Anna Sharp, and is the head of the Sharp household. He is the father of four boys (Kevin, Steve, Cody, and Matthew).

He is a huge football fan, and has his eldest child named after him. Kevin Sr. is about 6 "3". And is quite muscular and athletic suggesting to readers that he may have played sports back in his high school or college days. He's also a pet owner starting when he took in Dexter in the 2nd chapter of The '00s.

He met his lovely wife back in the late 1980s, and they both became engaged by the early 1990s. During the early 90s, they got married, moved into the apartment complex, and had their first child (Kevin Jr.). All four boys got their personality traits from their father.

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