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Jamal Weaver (born February 5, 1994) is both a fictional and non-fictional character in The '00s. He is the main character of the story based off of the real life creator of the story itself. Jamal was born and raised in Detroit, MI, and becomes best friends with Steve (who his preschool friends knew previously) to face the ups and downs of childhood in the first decade of the 21st century. This in turns sets up the story itself.

Jamal Weaver was born in early February 7 years before the pilot chapter of the story takes place. He was born at Riverview Hospital on the other side of Detroit, and the time of birth was 9:45 AM EST. In the story, he is shown to not own any video games, but his friends usually lets him play with them on their game consoles.

The creator of this story chose to put himself in his own fictional story to make it more interesting to readers. The family relatives of the main character are also based on the family relatives of the author himself. However, the story is still purely fiction since there are both fictional and non-fictional characters in The '00s.